During the year of 1983, the development of the computer and telecommunication industries were quite booming in Taiwan. Especially the productivity of the keyboards and keypads at that time even reached the top 1 position in the world. However, 100% of such LSR production equipments needed to be imported from overseas only. So, its investment cost was too high and eventually such LSR production technology could not be improved efficiently since then. We therefore established our company in developing this Liquid Silicone Rubber Machine technology and its relevant equipment's profession.

In recent years, as the price of the high luminescent LED has dropped dramatically, the characteristics of the LED, such as brightness, lifespan, etc., have improved continuously, and the application of LEDs in lighting expands rapidly. As a result, the LED has gradually replaced conventional lighting devices such as incandescent lamp, etc., and global market scale is growing fast.
Due to the vision of the president of our company, the injection molding machine has been given a whole new design idea so that is can be upgraded to comply with the LED industry. Compatibility of the machine is strengthened due to the integrated mechanical design. The principle “one machine for all applications” can meet the requirements of all the customers.

To meet different requirements of customers, features such as series models, standards, speed, efficiency, automation and dedicated systems are our goals for the development. We cooperate with our customers to develop better production technologies so as to promote the upgrade of the technology and quality of the LED and related industries, and to lead Taiwan into a new era.

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